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dub 21 2015
A další talk Shermy Turkle
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led 29 2014
Why Intelligence Requires Both Body And Brain
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Cognition is also facilitated by directing attention around one’s spatial environment. Studies of eye movements show that cognitive success is partly due to learning complex gaze patterns governing when and where to focus visual attention, such as where to look on a counter full of ingredients when cooking, so as to obtain information “just in time.”

pro 22 2013
Sociální mozek, Některé evoluční principy MUDr. František Koukolík
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pro 22 2013
Cyril Höschl - Chemie duše
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lis 09 2012
Joseph LeDoux - Emocionální mozek - přednáška 2011
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led 31 2012
Emocionální analýza filmu - experiment
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On-line aplikace pro anotace filmu, ve kterých sleduje konstrukci prostoru, pohyb a proces probíhající ve scéně a dynamiku formy emočního pole.

Zde je ukázka jedné analýzy experimentálního filmu.

Emocionální analýza filmu - experiment

led 06 2012
Alone, lonely and together, identity workshop....
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This one is about various ways my social anxiety makes me act, like:
- Not being able to make eye contact with people
-"Losing" my personality when I'm uncomfortable
-Finding it hard to focus on conversations
-Talking too quietly


Talking about panic and anxiety attack


Sherry Turkle - Alone together


ndespota: One insight: being constantly "on" can erode a young person's developing sense of autonomy. Example: a kid experiences some emotionally charged event, and even before she can gather and consolidate her thoughts and feelings, she's messaging "the news" to friends. Their responses can quickly override her own responses. We see a "collaborative" rather than "autonomous" self.